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Commercial Fuels in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Wesco Oil has the fuel for your business

commercial fuelsDiesel fuel is a vital part of the economy in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. Diverse industries including construction, logistics and delivery, waste management and foodservice rely on it as fuel for fleets of vehicles.

Wesco Oil can meet the diesel fuel needs of your business.

We deliver quality fuel with our RoadForce™ Premium Diesel Fuel. This is a diesel fuel created for maximum performance in your fleet vehicles and equipment, designed to increase power while keeping the fuel system clean for better performance all year-round.

What makes RoadForce special? Here are some things:

  • seasonal cold flow improvers and kerosene blending to make sure your fleet’s engines are running in top condition in even the coldest New England winters weather
  • detergents that help keep your fuel systems clean
  • dispersant that removes and disperses sludge to clean the entire fuel system
  • lubricity enhancers that prevent friction damage in pumps and injectors
  • fuel stabilizer to prevent sludge by stabilizing stored fuel
  • corrosion inhibitor formulated to prevent rust from forming in fuel systems as well as storage tanks

RoadForce Premium Diesel Fuel from Wesco Oil comes in for on-road (clear diesel) and off-road (dyed diesel) formulations.

Wesco Oil can manage delivery of your commercial bulk fuels. We’re a family-owned locally based business with delivery and service professionals right here in Rhode island and southeastern Massachusetts. Because we’re right here, we can be responsive to your diesel delivery needs in a way other commercial fuel providers with headquarters in some out-of-state or foreign country just can’t. Our values—our commitment to outstanding service, fair pricing and responsiveness to our customers’ needs—come from our history as a third-generation family business.

Wesco Oil is the commercial fuel provider you can count on for your business. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!