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Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Stay cool all summer long with Wesco Oil!

air conditioning serviceWhen the temperature soars, there’s nothing quite like coming home to the sweet, cool comfort of your air-conditioned home.

But you won’t have that comfort if your home’s air conditioning system breaks down.

Whatever your home’s air conditioning service needs, the professional technicians at Wesco Oil are here to provide it.

As a full-service company, Wesco Oil has a staff of technicians who are certified to provide service in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our head technician is a licensed master pipefitter.

We also offer the comfort and peace of mind of our phones being manned 24/7. No matter what time of day or night you need service, someone will be available to take your call so Wesco Oil can provide you with the prompt and professional AC repair you need.

Regular air conditioning maintenance benefits you

The best way to make sure your home stays cool this summer is making sure you have AC system maintenance done regularly. Even if your home’s air conditioning system is performing as normal and you don’t see any problems, it’s recommended that you have your AC service, inspection and cleaning done once a year, preferably in the spring to make sure it’s ready for anything the summer will throw at it. An AC service also helps your system run more efficiently and reduces wear and tear.

Regular AC maintenance may also be required to keep your AC system’s warranty valid.

What is done during an AC service? These are some of what is involved in an AC tune-up:

  • thoroughly clean the condenser coils
  • inspect and tighten electrical connections
  • check the coolant level
  • lubricate all moving parts
  • inspect the blower motor and belt
  • calibrate the thermostat
  • inspect the ductwork
Contact Wesco Oil to find out how we can take care of your home’s air conditioning system!