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Service Your AC In The Spring: Here Are The Top Reasons

Make sure your home stays cool this summer!

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As the weather here in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts starts to warm up this spring, many of us are looking forward to enjoying summer.

One of the things we enjoy about summer is relaxing in our homes in cool, air-conditioned comfort. But if the A/C conks out, that’s not happening.

You can prevent that by getting your air conditioning its annual tune-up in the spring.

While we’re dealing with challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ll work with you to make sure you get your air conditioning serviced as soon as possible. As a reminder, we are taking precautionary measures with both our professional equipment service technicians and fuel delivery drivers to protect you as well as them.

You can trust Wesco Oil with your central air conditioning system. Our service technicians are trained and experienced and are all certified in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Four reasons for a spring air conditioning system tune-up:

1. Your air conditioning system is more efficient

Having an annual tune-up means your central air conditioning run at peak efficiency. That means it will use less energy. You’ll save money without sacrificing a bit of comfort.

2. Maintenance helps prevent breakdowns

In addition to maintenance, an annual tune-up gives our service technicians an opportunity to thoroughly inspect all parts of your central air conditioning system. If we find something wrong, we can fix it before it becomes a bigger problem that could cause your AC system to break down and stick you with not only an uncomfortably warm home but a big repair bill to boot.

3. Tune-ups may protect your warranty

Many central air conditioning manufacturers require regular tune-ups by an HVAC professional to keep the air conditioning system’s warranty in effect. By having Wesco Oil service your central AC system, you’ll have documentation that you’ve taken good care of your air conditioning equipment.

4. Your air conditioning system last longer

Your central air conditioning system is a big investment in your home. The average cost to install a new air conditioning system is more than $5,500. An annual tune-up helps your central A/C last longer, so you get the most out of your investment.

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