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Should You Switch To A Ductless AC System?

Get Comfort Without The Hassle!

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There are many homes here in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts that do not have ductwork. Because of that, adding central air conditioning to those homes is costly and a hassle.

Before the AC can be installed, the ductwork needs to be installed. That adds thousands of dollars to the cost and makes a big mess all around the house with the installation. Then there’s another big bill with the central air conditioning, which averages $5,683 nationally.

That expense puts central air conditioning out of reach for many folks. They think their only option for keeping their homes cool is window A/C units. But those are inefficient, a security risk, block light, and let dust, pollen, and bugs in. Then there is the work of installing and taking them out each year.

There is a much better option: ductless air conditioning from Wesco Oil!

What Is Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless mini-splits have only two major components. The outdoor compressor unit and the indoor air handler, which is also called the evaporator, are connected via a conduit. That conduit contains tubing and the condensate drain, power and communications lines.

The compressor does what its name says it does and compresses refrigerant. From there, the refrigerant is sent to the condenser, where it gives up its heat. That heat is dispersed out of the unit to the outdoors. The refrigerant, which is now a liquid, is sent through the conduit to the evaporator to the air handler. Once in the evaporator, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the warm indoor air that is blown over the evaporator coils. Once cooled, the air is sent out of the air handler and back into your home.

Benefits Of Ductless AC

Ductless air conditioning can be installed in less than a day at a much lower cost than central air conditioning. Units can be installed almost anywhere in your home. Your windows are no longer blocked and your home is more secure than it is with window AC units.

Your ductless AC can be customized to your home. You can vary the size of the air handler depending on the space you are cooling. And, because each ductless A/C unit operates independently, you can have efficient, zoned cooling in your home!

Wesco Oil’s certified, experienced service technicians are ready to install your home’s ductless air conditioning system. Contact us today to get started!