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Water Heater Health: Time For A Spring Check-up!

Attention now avoids trouble later

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Did you know that spring is a great time to have your home’s heating, cooling and comfort equipment get its annual maintenance?

Spring is usually a quiet time for equipment service departments like ours, as there is a lull between the end of heating season and when people start using their air conditioners.

While some people take advantage of this opportunity to schedule maintenance of their furnace, boiler, or air conditioning system, many overlook another piece of equipment that needs attention: their water heater.

Wesco Oil is currently offering equipment repair and maintenance during the COVID-19 outbreak. You can find out all we’re doing in regards to that on our COVID-19 page, and by following us on Facebook for the latest updates.

Why does a water heater need maintenance?

Think about all the things a water heater does for you and your home. It provides you with hot showers and baths. It makes sure you have hot water for washing laundry, for washing dishes both in the sink and in the dishwasher, for cleaning your home, and more.

But to make sure it is running at peak performance and efficiency, it needs annual maintenance. That maintenance may also help keep your water heater’s warranty in effect.

What is done during a water heater maintenance service?

If you have a conventional water heater with a tank, our service technician will perform a flush of the tank to get rid of sediment buildup inside the tank, which settles on the bottom and corrodes your tank from the inside out.

The technician will also check the anode rod, which protects your water heater tank from premature corrosion and failure. If the rod has corroded, it will be replaced.

We will thoroughly inspect the water heater for leaks as well as things like blockages in the drain valve. This service gives us a chance to fix smaller problems before they get worse and cause damage that can lead to your water heater failing.

And if it turns out your water heater is ready to be replaced, our trained, experienced and certified service technicians will let you know. But our service doesn’t end there. We can help you qualify for rebates if you upgrade to a qualifying water heater!

Contact us to set up your water heater maintenance service!