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The Key To Maximum HVAC Efficiency: Proper Installation

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Replacing your home’s HVAC equipment can be a trying time, whether your equipment failed or you chose to upgrade.

But there is some good news. Your new equipment will not only be more reliable, it will be much more energy-efficient, so you’ll start seeing energy savings from the moment it’s installed.

Your new equipment is a major investment in your home and your family’s comfort. This is not the time to call “some guy” your neighbor’s visiting brother told you about to do the installation.

Improperly installed HVAC equipment can lead to non-compliance with building codes and other regulations, reduced efficiency and performance, and danger to you and your loved ones by the increased risk of fire or carbon monoxide buildup.

What else could go wrong if your installation isn’t done right? Here are some examples.

Wrong sizing

Right-sizing an HVAC system is vital to getting the most from your new installation: buy equipment that’s too small or too large and you’ll wear it out before its time (a unit that’s too small will overwork; a unit that’s too large will constantly turn on and off, or cycle, which over-taxes the compressor and fan controls).

There’s so much more to right-sizing besides volume of your house, as many less experienced installers would lead you to believe. Other factors that must be taken into account include the climate, the style of your home, the number of windows you have, the amount of insulation your home has, and the amount of shade your house is exposed to.

Incorrect refrigerant charging

When an air conditioning unit is undercharged, it may develop frost or ice on its cooling coils. That will cause not only poor cooling performance and but a worn-out compressor motor – a very expensive repair. An overcharged system will cool effectively, but not efficiently. That’s a problem you won’t notice until your unexpectedly high energy bills arrive.

If there’s excessive refrigerant pressure, coolant could be forced into the compressor motor. That leads to costly HVAC repairs, or worse, a permanent breakdown of your air conditioning system.

Leaks in the ductwork

According to the Comfort Institute, you could be losing more than 11% of your heated and cooled air because of leaky ductwork. And since that lost air is in places you aren’t, like your basement or spaces between your walls, you have to spend more on energy costs to keep your home comfortable. A proper, professional HVAC equipment installation includes inspection of the ductwork so repairs can be done and help your new equipment run at peak efficiency.

You need an HVAC contractor with the knowledge and experience to install your new HVAC equipment safely and properly, like the equipment professionals at Wesco Oil!

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