How Much Fuel To Order - Wesco Oil

Ready to order? Here is your heating oil calculator

It’s easy to determine how much heating oil you need

Tank Gauge

1. Check your tank gauge:

Whether your heating oil tank is above ground outdoors or in your basement, look on top of the tank for a gauge similar to the one shown here.

The approximate amount of fuel you have will be displayed in fractions.

2. Select the amount of fuel you have:

Tank Size: gallons.
Tank Gauge Level: full.

This means you have approximately 0 gallons of fuel in your tank.
Amount needed to fill tank: 0 gallons.

3. Order fuel:

Go to our request delivery page with the number of gallons you need.

Note: To allow for fuel expansion and safe deliveries, an oil tank holds slightly less fuel than its official full capacity. For example, with a 275-gallon tank, the actual usable capacity ranges from 250-256 gallons. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.