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Help Your Heating System Keep The Warmth Inside

Stay Comfortable And Control Heating Costs!

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It’s been wicked cold recently here in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. Your home’s furnace or boiler has been working hard to keep your home warm and comfortable.

That hard work can drive up your energy costs and create more wear and tear on your heating system.
You can make things easier for your heating system now and for winters to come with these five ideas that keep the heat your furnace or boiler creates in your home.


Did you know that drafts around windows and exterior doors, and through exterior walls, can cause heat loss that is the equivalent of leaving a window open? Brrrr!

There are ways to combat these drafts that don’t take a lot of time or money but can reduce your heating costs by up to 10%. Caulk, weatherstripping, doorstops, expanding foam, and plastic window coverings are all at your local home improvement store. A few hours’ time can not only cut heating costs but make you more comfortable without the chill from those drafts.


Our area has a lot of older homes. And many of those older homes do not have enough insulation. Inadequate insulation allows heat to escape your home more easily. The United States Department of Energy provides guidelines for how much insulation your home should have, and information about the types of insulation available.

Use Rugs

Homes in New England often have hardwood floors. They’re gorgeous, but they’re also pretty cold during winter. Laying down area rugs can prevent heat from escaping and make walking around more comfy.

Dress Your Windows

As we mentioned earlier, drafts around windows are a major cause of heat loss in your home. Instead of lightweight cotton curtains, use heavier insulated draperies and curtains, window quilts, and insulated cellular shades. These can cut heat loss in a room by up to 10%. Attach the drapes to the wall with magnetic tape or Velcro, and you can cut heat loss by up to 25%!

Use Passive Heating

While it may be cold outside on sunny days, you can use the sun to your advantage when it comes to keeping your home warm. Open curtains and blinds on windows that get direct sunlight during the day. The natural heating will warm up your home, giving your heating system a break. Remember to close the blinds and curtains when the sun goes down to keep that heat in.

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