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Your Heater Should Not Sound Like This!

These Noises Could Mean Trouble

furnace repair rhode islandUsually, your home’s furnace is background noise in your home when it’s running.

But when it’s not, and it’s making a noise (or noises) that get your attention, that may be a warning sign that you need to heed.

Here are some sounds that you might hear, and what you should do if you do hear them.

If you do need professional attention for your furnace, the trained, experienced service technicians at Wesco Oil are here for you!

Banging Or Booming

Understandably, this sound coming from your furnace can be frightening. There are two common possibilities. One is if you hear the sounds consistently, not only when the furnace kicks on. There may be an issue with either the air ducts or the metal siding of the furnace expanding and contracting.

But if you are only hearing a boom or bang when your furnace cycles on, that’s a problem. It may be a dirty furnace burner, which can in time damage the heat exchanger. That may cause a carbon monoxide leak into your home. DO NOT try to clean the burner yourself. You may damage it further. This is a job for professionals.


There aren’t many more cringeworthy sounds than metal-on-metal scraping. And it is a sound you should not ignore when it comes to your furnace. The most common cause of this noise is that the blower fan has come loose from its mount. The noise is caused by the blower fan scraping the bearings. When this happens, the blower fan slows down. The furnace may overheat and shut down too soon, leaving your home colder than you want.

Rumbling Or Rattling

Do not ignore this sound. It may be caused by a broken heat exchanger thanks to lack or airflow from a blower fan problems or a dirty filter. That excess heat can crack or break the heat exchanger. That damage can create a carbon monoxide leak. Contact us immediately to check this out and fix it.


Those squealing sounds can either be a worn-down blower fan belt or a lack of lubrication of your furnace’s parts. Don’t dawdle on this one, as this can lead to the blower fan failing and your furnace shutting down. Contact us and we’ll take care of it.

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