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Wesco Oil Can Help!

oil sludge help rhode island

With summer getting closer, we’re all looking forward to getting out more, whether it’s to one of the beautiful beaches here in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, dinner out with friends, family cookouts, or a ballgame at Fenway.

Before you dive into all those good times, don’t forget to fill your heating oil tank!

You may be thinking that there’s plenty of time to do that, because you won’t be needing to turn on the heat until fall. Procrastination on this, however, can lead to some big problems.

Here’s why you don’t want to wait.

Condensation: Your Heating Oil Tank’s Enemy

When there is empty space in your heating oil tank, condensation develops on the bare walls.
Eventually, that condensation will drip off the wall. And, because it’s heavier than your heating oil, it will sink to the bottom of the tank. Once there, the condensation begins to make a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to the development of sludge.

That sludge clogs your fuel lines, reduces the efficiency of your heating system, and, if the lines are fully clogged, your furnace or boiler won’t get fuel and your heating system will break down. You’ll be left in the cold and will be paying a repair bill.

Condensation that drips into your heating oil can also lead to the development of sediment leads to corrosion of your heating oil tank from the inside out.

If the corrosion causes a tank failure, you’re facing the hassle and expense of not only replacing your heating oil tank, but having a professional safely remove your failed tank, as well as cleaning up spilled oil to regulatory standards.

A Full Tank Is A Protected Tank

Condensation accelerates in warmer weather. Filling your heating oil tank now prevents the development of condensation through the spring and summer.

It also means you’ll have a full tank of heating oil when heating season returns. If there’s a cold snap early, no worries! You’ll have enough heating oil to get through it. Filling your tank now can also save you money, because demand is low, and prices aren’t as high as during heating season.

Keep your heating oil tank safe. Contact us today to schedule a heating oil delivery!

Stay Cool And Comfy This Summer!

central air service rhode island

Summer is predicted to be hotter than normal here in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. That means we’ll be using our central air conditioning and ductless mini-splits more often.

Make sure your home’s air conditioning is ready for the job with an annual maintenance tune-up from Wesco Oil. Our service technicians are all certified in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Why Get A/C Service Now?

Heating season is over, and air conditioning season isn’t in full swing yet. Thus, there is not a lot of demand for our equipment services. We have an ample supply of available time slots so you can schedule your air conditioning tune-up when it’s most convenient for you. And if you do need repairs, it’s easier to get them done either right away or very soon.

Here is some of what we do when we perform an annual tune-up on your central air conditioning system:

  • Test and check refrigerants for maximum efficiency
  • Inspect and clean condenser
  • Inspect and clean condensate piping and trap
  • Lubricate motors as needed
  • Inspect fan belt
  • Check thermostat for proper operation
  • Perform a safety inspection of all operating controls
  • Change air filter
  • Check system operations and cooling temperatures

Another benefit of A/C maintenance tune-ups: Annual preventative maintenance may help keep your air conditioning system’s warranty in effect.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioning

If you have been thinking about adding ductless mini-splits or central air conditioning to your home or are thinking about replacing your current A/C system, this is also a great time to do so!

Our service technicians will be able to install your new air conditioning so you’re ready for summer’s heatwaves.

If you’re considering replacing your air conditioning system and upgrading to a new one, here are some factors to think over.

The age of your air conditioning. If your home’s A/C is older and uses R-22 Freon refrigerant, you need to plan on replacing your air conditioning soon. R-22 can no longer be produced in or imported to the United States. With a dwindling supply, prices for R-22 are skyrocketing to the point where it could cost more than $600 to add refrigerant to your central air conditioning system!

Your home’s cooling needs. Have you added finished space in your home, through finishing an attic or sunroom, or building a home addition? That increased demand may be too much for your home’s central air conditioning, leading to breakdowns and a shorter lifespan. Our ductless mini-splits provide a great solution, keeping those spaces cool while reducing demand on your central A/C system. If you need to replace your central air conditioning, factor in any added finished space you are planning so your new A/C meets your future cooling needs.

Make sure your home’s air conditioning is ready to beat the heat. Schedule your maintenance tune-up today. And don’t forget to ask about our service plans!

Keep Cool With Wesco Oil!

new a/c system rhode islandWith winter’s chill in the rearview mirror and Memorial Day weekend just around the corner, air conditioning season is coming soon.

The average life expectancy of a central air conditioning system is 15 years. If your home’s AC system is more than 10 years old, it becomes less and less cost-effective to repair rather than replace as time goes by. A good rule to follow is that if a repair costs 50% or more of the replacement cost, it makes good fiscal sense to upgrade to a new AC.

If your home’s central AC is in good shape, great! Keep it that way by scheduling your annual maintenance tune-up. It keeps your air conditioning running at its best possible efficiency, reduces your risk of breakdowns, and may help keep the AC’s warranty in effect.

Here are some reasons you should think about upgrading to a new central air conditioning system for your home.

The A/C’s Performance Has Slipped

How did your air conditioning system do last summer? Was it able to keep your home cool during heat waves? How are your energy costs? Are they similar to previous years, or are they increasing? Have you needed more A/C repairs in the last few years? It your air conditioning system isn’t working as well or as efficiently as it should, even with regular maintenance, it may be time for replacement.

Changing Cooling Needs

Did you build an addition to your home, or add finished space in places like the attic? If you did but didn’t change your home’s air conditioning system, you could be pushing the A/C beyond its cooling load limit. You can make it easier on the air conditioning system by installing ductless mini-splits in the spaces the A/C does not reach. If you are planning an addition or adding finished space in the future, this is a good time to upgrade your air conditioning system to meet your future cooling needs.

The A/C Uses R-22 Freon

Production and importing of R-22 Freon was banned at the end of 2020. If you need it for your air conditioning system, supplies are limited. The law of supply and demand is in effect, and the prices for R-22 Freon are going way up. It may cost up to $600 to refill your R-22 Freon! That’s on top of maintenance and repair costs. As supplies of R-22 Freon dwindle, the price will continue to go up. Replacing your air conditioning system will save you money on refrigerant costs as well as with improved energy efficiency.

Get central air conditioning installation and service you can trust. Contact us today!

Get Comfort Without The Hassle!

ductless ac installation rhode island

There are many homes here in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts that do not have ductwork. Because of that, adding central air conditioning to those homes is costly and a hassle.

Before the AC can be installed, the ductwork needs to be installed. That adds thousands of dollars to the cost and makes a big mess all around the house with the installation. Then there’s another big bill with the central air conditioning, which averages $5,683 nationally.

That expense puts central air conditioning out of reach for many folks. They think their only option for keeping their homes cool is window A/C units. But those are inefficient, a security risk, block light, and let dust, pollen, and bugs in. Then there is the work of installing and taking them out each year.

There is a much better option: ductless air conditioning from Wesco Oil!

What Is Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless mini-splits have only two major components. The outdoor compressor unit and the indoor air handler, which is also called the evaporator, are connected via a conduit. That conduit contains tubing and the condensate drain, power and communications lines.

The compressor does what its name says it does and compresses refrigerant. From there, the refrigerant is sent to the condenser, where it gives up its heat. That heat is dispersed out of the unit to the outdoors. The refrigerant, which is now a liquid, is sent through the conduit to the evaporator to the air handler. Once in the evaporator, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the warm indoor air that is blown over the evaporator coils. Once cooled, the air is sent out of the air handler and back into your home.

Benefits Of Ductless AC

Ductless air conditioning can be installed in less than a day at a much lower cost than central air conditioning. Units can be installed almost anywhere in your home. Your windows are no longer blocked and your home is more secure than it is with window AC units.

Your ductless AC can be customized to your home. You can vary the size of the air handler depending on the space you are cooling. And, because each ductless A/C unit operates independently, you can have efficient, zoned cooling in your home!

Wesco Oil’s certified, experienced service technicians are ready to install your home’s ductless air conditioning system. Contact us today to get started!

Don’t Wait For It To Fail!

water heater installation rhode islandYour water heater is often an underappreciated workhorse in your home, doing its job largely unnoticed.

However, nothing lasts forever and that includes your home’s water heater. If you’re seeing any of the below signs, contact the equipment pros at Wesco Oil. We’ll help you figure out what to do about your water heater.

This is one thing you don’t want to procrastinate on. A water heater tank failure leaves your home without hot water, and potentially leaves you with a big cleanup bill on top of having to get a new water heater fast. If you start planning your upgrade now, you’ll be able to choose the one you know is right for your home.

Your Water Heater Is Old

The average life expectancy of a conventional storage water heater with a tank is 10 years. For a tankless water heater, the average is 20 years. If your water is approaching this life expectancy, or has passed it, this is the time to start planning the passing of the torch to a new water heater.

If you don’t know how old your water heater is, check the serial number on the manufacturer’s nameplate. It starts with a letter and is followed by numbers. The letter indicates the month it was manufactured (A = January, B = February, C = March, etc.). The first two numbers indicate the year. Here’s an example: If your water heater has the serial number H1245689703, it was manufactured in August of 2012.

The Water Is Rusty

If you have rusty water coming out of your faucets when you run the hot water, that’s a danger sign. It usually means your water heater tank has corrosion. The clock is ticking on tank failure. Contact us right away.

You’re Seeing Leaks

If your water heater is getting on in years, the metal in the storage tank can develop cracks, sometimes too small to be seen with the naked eye. If you’re seeing puddles on the floor around the water heater when it’s in use, you probably have a leak and need an upgrade.

You Have Sediment

If your water heater rumbles when it’s running, that’s usually a sign that there is sediment buildup in your tank. If the tank hasn’t been drained regularly (something that should be done at least once a year), the sediment buildup can get so bad the valve may be blocked. Contact us whatever the case is.

You Have Higher Energy Bills

If your energy costs are going up even though your heating oil, gas, or electric rates haven’t changed much if at all, your water heater may have lost efficiency. At some point, it’s going to cost more to repair than replace.

You can count on Wesco Oil for expert installation, maintenance, and repairs for your new water heater. Contact us today to get started!

Protect Your Investment In Your Home’s Comfort

central air repair rhode island

As Spring takes hold here in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, we are getting closer to the day when we’ll need to turn on the air conditioning in our homes.

But you may be in for a nasty surprise (and some nasty expenses) if you have been making the following mistakes when it comes to your home’s air conditioning system.

Not Maintaining The A/C

Would you drive your car for years and not even get an oil and filter change? If you’re not getting annual maintenance on your home’s air conditioning system, it’s pretty much the same thing.

Lack of maintenance is costly in many ways. The first way is in reduced efficiency. That sends your energy costs skyrocketing. Another way is that not maintaining the A/C means it will break down more, with repairs that are likely much more expensive than a tune-up. Many manufacturers require documentation of annual professional maintenance to keep the warranty in effect. If your air conditioning hasn’t been maintained, your warranty is likely invalid. Not taking care of your air conditioning will shorten its lifespan, meaning you’ll have to replace it sooner.

Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix. Wesco Oil provides professional maintenance tune-up service for air conditioning. And right now is the optimal time to do it, with the end of heating season and before the start of A/C season. It’s much easier to schedule your tune-up for a day and time that fits your schedule.

Hanging Onto Your Aging Air Conditioning System

Central air conditioning systems have an average life expectancy is 15 years for a newer A/C, 10 years for an older model. If your system is reaching the end of its lifespan or is long past the life expectancy, upgrading to a new A/C can save you up to 40% on your cooling costs!

Another way older A/C systems are expensive is that they use R22 refrigerant. That is no longer being made because it is considered a greenhouse gas. With the manufacturing of R22 ceased, supplies are shrinking, and prices are soaring.

Today’s A/C systems use a more environmentally friendly and affordable refrigerant.

Creating Obstructions

Your A/C unit needs room to work. Keep plants and shrubs at least 18 to 30 inches away from it. Clean leaves, litter, twigs, and other yard debris away from it. When you’re mowing your lawn and using a side discharge, position your mower so you’re not blowing clippings into the A/C unit.

Reminder: The top of the A/C unit is not a shelf or a table. Don’t put things on it.

Making The Air Conditioning Work Too Hard

Keep doors and windows closed, and keep bath and kitchen exhaust fan usage to a minimum, when the A/C is running.

Don’t crank up the A/C to cool your house faster. It doesn’t work, and creates unnecessary wear on your air conditioning system.

Make sure your home’s air conditioning is ready for summer. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance tune-up!

Learn How To Save On Heating Oil Costs

insulation tips rhode island

If you got sticker shock from your heating costs this past winter, now is the time to take some steps so you can reduce them.

You can take control of your heating costs by enrolling in the Wesco Oil Budget Plan. Your heating oil costs are spread out evenly over 12 manageable payments.

When it comes to lowering your heating costs, not much beats adding insulation to your home.
Having proper insulation not only helps you lower your heating costs, but also helps lower your cooling costs by keeping your air-conditioned air in the house.

Adding insulation to your attic not only makes your home more energy-efficient, but it’s also a great investment as you may recoup 80% (or more!) of your investment when it comes to adding to your home’s value.

Do An Insulation Check Of Your Home

Before you know what you need to do, you need to know what you have in terms of insulation.

Check the attic, as well as walls and floors next to an unheated space like a garage or unfinished basement. Structural elements are usually exposed in these spaces, making it easy to measure the depth or thickness of the insulation.

Electrical outlets give you access to checking insulation behind walls. Turn off the power to the outlet and remove the outlet cover. Shine a flashlight into the space to see what kind of insulation is behind the wall, and how much is there. Do this on all floors and rooms, as insulation is often not consistent, especially in homes that have been renovated or added onto.

A professional home energy audit can give you an in-depth analysis of your home’s insulation and make recommendations for you.

Once you know your home’s insulation status, you need to know how much insulation you need. The U.S. Department of Energy has a guide to that, breaking the country up into zones when it comes to recommended insulation levels. Here in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, we’re in Zone 5.

Choose Your Insulation

Most people first think of the rolls of fiberglass insulation they see at the local home improvement store when it comes to insulation. But there are several options for you to choose from, including:

  • rigid foam insulation
  • loose blown-in insulation
  • spray foam expanding insulation
  • structural insulated panels

You can learn more about the types of insulation available with this information from the Department of Energy.

What you pick depends on your needs and your budget. Some insulation installation is a simple, straightforward do-it-yourself project. Others require professionals.

Wesco Oil provides expert installation of energy-efficient furnaces and boilers. Upgrade now and save on heating costs for years to come! Contact us to get started.

How To Know When It’s Time For A New Furnace

furnace replacement rhode island

The end of heating season is in sight here in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.

But your home’s furnace may decide to fail before then. You can count on Wesco Oil for emergency no-heat furnace service 24/7. Every one of our service technicians is trained, experienced, and licensed in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. They will thoroughly inspect your furnace and give you an honest assessment of the situation, and whether repairing or replacing it is the best option for you.

If you decide to replace, Wesco Oil provides expert installation of your new furnace. We can also help you get any rebates your new furnace qualifies for.

Whether you decide to repair or replace, this is a great time to enroll in one of our service plans to help keep your furnace running at its best efficiency while potentially saving you big money on repair costs.

Factors To Consider With Furnace Repair

In many cases, repairing is the right choice. If your furnace is less than seven years old, repairs may be easier. If the damage to the furnace or its reduced performance is not very much, repairing is more cost-effective. Planning to move? Repairing may be the better option. And sometimes, a new furnace just isn’t in your budget.

The Age Of Your Furnace

If your furnace is 10 years old or older, replacement may be a better investment. An unmaintained or infrequently maintained furnace is more vulnerable to breaking down, which means you could be facing your furnace not working in the middle of winter. 

The Repair Costs

As furnaces age, repairs often become more frequent and more expensive. If your furnace hasn’t been properly maintained, this scenario is much more likely. Eventually, repairing your furnace becomes a bad investment. A good rule is that if your furnace repairs are costing half (or more) of what it would cost to replace it, replacing is a better long-term investment in your comfort, your energy costs, and your home’s value.

The Furnace’s Efficiency

Furnaces become less efficient over time, especially when they are not properly maintained. Your furnace could be operating at as low as 60% efficiency. For every dollar you spend on heating oil for your furnace, only 60 cents of it goes toward heating your home. The other 40 cents is wasted. A new furnace begins paying for itself from the moment you install it, because you’ll get efficiencies as high as 98%! You’ll have lower energy costs for years to come.

Whether you are repairing or replacing your furnace, you can trust the expert service technicians at Wesco Oil. Get in touch with us to take care of your furnace!

A Full Tank Is A Safer Tank

heating oil delivery rhode islandWe are in the home stretch of winter. Spring arrives on March 20.

After some wicked winter storms, we’re glad to see winter go. And you’ll likely be glad to not have to use your home’s furnace or boiler as much.

But that doesn’t mean you should just use the heating oil you have in your tank and not refill it. Now is the time to schedule a heating oil delivery from Wesco Oil so you have a full tank.

You may be thinking, “Why do I need to fill my heating oil tank? It’s just going to sit there until next fall. I can do it then.”

There are reasons behind this. Once you learn about those reasons, you’ll see why keeping your heating oil tank full is a smart move.

Protect Your Heating Oil Tank

Filling your tank now helps your heating oil tank fight its biggest foe: condensation.

Condensation forms on the walls of the empty space inside your heating oil tank. Because water is denser then heating oil, it sinks to the bottom of your tank. There, it creates the ideal environment for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow and flourish. The bacteria and microorganisms become sediment can enter your fuel lines and clog them up, causing your heating system to shut down. Sediment also corrodes your heating oil tank from the inside out, potentially causing the tank to fail.

In warmer weather, the development of condensation can accelerate, so leaving empty space in your tank until the fall is more of a risk.

Don’t Get Caught By The Weather

Just when you think spring has sprung, Mother Nature could throw us another cold spell. If you don’t fill your heating oil tank, you’re risking not having enough heating oil to get through. That brings the worry and expense of an emergency delivery.

Another time cold weather can surprise us is in the fall. By filling your tank now, you’ll be ready for any early cold snaps.

Contact us today to schedule your heating oil tank fill-up. Don’t forget to ask about Automatic Delivery!

You’ll Always Have Diesel With Wesco Oil

commercial diesel supply rhode islandOne of the most common phrases we’ve heard and read in the past year is, “these uncertain times.”

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic woes it sparked, there has been a lot of uncertainty not just in our lives, but in businesses of all kinds.

If your business uses diesel fuels, your diesel fuel supply should not be something you worry about. And you won’t if you’re a Wesco Oil customer!

Custom Diesel Fuel Service

Diesel fuels are essential for a diverse array of businesses here in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, including:

  • construction
  • waste hauling
  • moving companies
  • transportation
  • foodservice
  • delivery and courier services

Being a locally based, family-owned fuel services company with three generations of experience taking care of businesses like yours, we understand your needs in a way larger fuel companies based somewhere else don’t.

We do a deep dive into your business, how you use diesel, and what your needs are. With that information, we create a diesel fuel delivery service of your diesel fuels.

With Wesco Oil, you get competitive, transparent pricing for your diesel fuels. There’s no bait-and-switch, no surprises.

And because we’re right here in your community, we can be responsive to your needs with prompt, courteous service. If you have a big project and need more diesel? We’re on it.

Quality Diesel With RoadForce™

Your vehicles and equipment are a huge investment in your business. Using the best quality diesel fuel helps protect that investment.

You get that quality with our RoadForce™ Premium Diesel Fuel. It not only keeps your fuel system cleaner the plain diesel, but it also improves its performance all year-round. It contains detergents, lubricity enhances, a corrosion inhibitor, a fuel stabilizer, and, in winter, seasonal cold flow improvers and kerosene blending designed to help your vehicles and equipment stay running at their peak performance during cold weather.

RoadForce™ premium diesel fuel comes in both on-road diesel and off-road diesel.

Contact Wesco Oil to become a customer and get the diesel fuel delivery service you can rely on!