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Huge Heating Repair Bills: How to Avoid Them

Maintenance now means fewer headaches later

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We’re in the home stretch of heating season here in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. Yay!

Soon, we’ll be turning off the heat and turning on the air conditioning. But before that happens, we have a few tips to help you protect your home’s heating system from breaking down and needing repairs while also protecting your wallet from the cost of those repairs.

Give your heating system its annual tune-up

Here’s an observation from the trained, experienced Wesco Oil service technicians: Most of the repair jobs they’re called out for could have been prevented if the heating systems had gotten annual maintenance tune-ups.

An annual tune-up is good for your heating system in multiple ways. It helps your heating system run at peak efficiency, which saves you money on energy costs. And it gives our technicians the opportunity to thoroughly inspect your heating system and spot any problems before they become worse and cause an expensive breakdown.

Another way an annual tune-up is good for your heating system and your wallet is that regular, professional maintenance may be required to keep your heating system’s warranty in effect.

With the current COVID-19 situation, we will be booking your annual tune-ups in advance with the hope that the situation will be safer at that time. Contact us if you have any questions.

You know what makes taking care of your heating system easier and more affordable? A Wesco Oil service plan! Not only is the annual tune-up covered by the service plan, you also get benefits like discounts on parts and labor.

Pay attention for troubled heating system warning signs

When your heating system is running, keep an eye —and ear — on it. Trouble signs include strange sounds like banging, squealing and rattling. Seeing water leaks near your heating system is another warning sign. Don’t wait. Contact us right away so we can fix the problem before it gets worse.

Follow this advice, and you can go into next heating season confident your furnace or boiler will work when you need it.

Contact us to schedule your oil heating system tune-up!