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What Is Automatic Delivery?

Why automatic heating oil delivery from Wesco Oil is the right choice

heating oil delivery Rhode Island Southeastern MassachusettsHow do you get your home’s heating oil delivered?

If you’re still going down to the basement or outside and checking your heating oil tank gauge levels, then calling to schedule a heating oil delivery, we’ve got some good news for you!

You can save yourself all that hassle by using automatic heating oil delivery with Wesco Oil.

How does Wesco Oil’s automatic heating oil delivery work? We figure out your home’s heating oil needs based on your home’s size, your heating system, your fuel usage during the first few months of heating season, daily temperature standards and nonstop monitoring of the weather in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.

Because we customize your heating oil delivery schedule, we can make sure you won’t run out of our HeatForce™ Home Heating Oil #2.

No more having to set reminders on your phone to check your heating oil, or worrying about running out of heating oil. We’ll take care of it for you!

If there are factors that change your home’s heating oil needs, like if you build an addition onto your home, let us know and we can adjust your delivery schedule.
There is no additional cost for automatic heating oil delivery, and it’s easy to sign up.

Want to learn more about Wesco Oil’s automatic heating oil delivery? Contact us today!